Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Rick Steves' European Christmas

Quickly becoming one of our family favorite Christmas Specials this season, Rick Steves' European Christmas is a simple reminder that sharing the hope of Christ with family, friends, and neighbors is what the holiday is all about.

Europe spends less on holiday gifts than Americans do, but there is no doubt they get the full heart of Christmas. 

When your heart grows weary of the commercialized Christmas, visit your local library. I don't know if it's because they specialize in sharing, but I've found meaningful memories for our family throughout their shelves of books, music, movies and cookbooks.

The choirs are nothing short of spectacular, and they inspired us to shop the library for European Christmas CD's. We're listening to where our traditions began while baking cookie ornaments and sharing them with our neighbors.

How is the library sharing the holiday with your family?

xoxo Michele

33 seconds in you'll hear the magic.

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