Thursday, December 6, 2012

My Favorite Elf Collection From The Library

elf on the shelf 

So far we have resisted the Elf On The Shelf craze, but John-John is pleading for one. Personally, I'm a bit weirded out by spying elves. John's friends all have one or two, and he delights in inviting himself into their homes and discovering where the elves magically appear each day.

While I'm pondering the idea of an elf agent among us and taking a break from our bathroom project, I put together an Elf Collection from the library. We all agree on this borrowed beauty, and the book is a classic - if you haven't read it with your children yet - log on to your library website now and reserve a copy tonight.


Wrap up an elf collection from the library and enjoy this borrowed beauty with your family. Do you have an Elf On The Shelf?  Are they any good at bathroom remodeling?

xoxo Michele 

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