Friday, November 16, 2012

Reading With My Hands

When Molly asked, have you done something today that scares you, she inspired me to boldly venture into the kitchen. Yes. I'm terrified of the kitchen. For reasons both real and imagined.

The real reasons are: 

My weight. My binary brain tells me the kitchen is the last place on earth I should be sharing space with, while also admonishing me that the family needs healthy meals to nourish them. I'm a compulsive eater to boot. See, there really is more to me than books. ;)

Creative Black Hole. I find the most encouraging cookbooks at the library and {occasionally} will rush into the galley with high hopes of creating a meal my family will swoon over for weeks, and they do. But most days (like, 360 days of the year) I stare into the fridge thinking, just let me be Tabitha and I swear I'll never ever ever ever ever ask for anything else again.

The imagined reasons are:

I'm not my MIL. My mother-in-law is a knockout. She looks like a Sophia Loren twin, and cooks like Giada. My hubby had her as his primary chef until he married me. The first breakfast I made for him was garlic eggs. He thought I was trying to kill him. I thought Italians liked garlic with everything. I've improved since that debacle, but not much. The idea that I have to be perfect in the kitchen seems ridiculous, but there it is.

Too Time Consuming. Even as a write this, I know how crazy it sounds. The actual time spent in the kitchen cooking is short compared to the constant what's for dinner playlist repeating in my head. 

What if the answer to enjoying meal preparation is found in changing the way I view the kitchen?

As I was reading Molly's post, I discovered an exciting idea (I'm paraphrasing her words here): the stronger I get in the kitchen, the less scary it will be. 

Where do I feel safe? Oh, sweet readers, you know.

It can be a library, and I can read with my hands. The pots and pans, the ingredients ~ they tell a new story every time I open the oven door.

I'll let you know how it goes. Bringing young children into the kitchen with me is also a stress reliever. I don't feel judged, or alone. We are learning together, and sharing strength is a joyful way to combat what scares you.

I'm also learning about swoony Instagram and would love for you to follow me. 

xoxo Michele

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Carin said...

Yay for you, and your kids! Love that you have decided to do that with them!

My mum kind of threw me in the deep end. When I was young I was lucky to set foot inside the kitchen while she cooked, then suddenly one day she took a job outside the home and I had to do all the cooking! Now I love it. Especially baking. All you need is practise. Good luck!

Molly said...

your garlic eggs experience made me laugh out loud. seeing as how i love the kitchen and library equally, i loved this post! glad i could inspire :) funny thing you'll appreciate: after reading my post, my mom happened upon a bookmark with eleanor roosevelt's quote. it now graces the pages of my library book!

Shelley Johannes said...

Love the garlic eggs story. I too avoid the kitchen. We've all got our strengths...and that's definitely not one of mine!