Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Read Well ~ Live Well: Antigone

"Your wisdom appealed to one world ~ mine, another."
                                                                                                              ~ Antigone (Sophocles)

I'll admit it. When Edie named Antigone as the next book for her Read Well ~ Live Well Book Club, my heart was stone cold sober. Sophocles? My friends are all swooning over Gone Girl and Killing Kennedy. Sophocles? 

Come join me over at Edie's online library. It's a delicious slice of heaven. And there's a free bookmark waiting for you.

Oh, and because it is a super-short play, you'll still have plenty of time to read Gone Girl (loved the first 200 pages, the rest was pretty much meh).
xoxo Michele

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Kerri said...

Hi Michelle!
I am so glad I found you over at edie's blog today! Thanks again for the bookmark!

Carin said...

Loved your thoughts on Antigone over at Edie's Michele, and thank you so much for the bookmark. xo

Carin said...

Also, thank you so much for your sweet comments on my blog last night! They made my day! xoxo