Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My Bad, And Yours Too

True story: history isn't top of my mind when conversing with my children. The absolute smoochieness of Harry in One Direction, her upcoming role as Ms. Hannigan in the play Annie, the importance of un-cluttering your bedroom so you'll have clean underwear ~ these are constant chitchats I have with Arielle. We are so busy living right now, in the rush of present day, that history can seem so, old news, unnecessary, b-orrrr-ing.

But I have a secret I'd love to share with you. David McDreamy. He has the power to make you swoon over history.

David's audio books are perfect for upcoming holiday car rides: this and this are our family faves. On a trip to visit relatives in New Jersey, Nick shushed us during the battle of Dorchester Heights - every detail was critical. 

You know how I recommend borrowing the beauty of books from the library rather than buying? I own almost all of David McCullough's books. And movies.

I buy them second hand from the library sale table. I give them to neighbors and friends and anyone crazy enough to ask me, who is your favorite author? 

There are no excuses for not knowing and sharing American history with your children when you have David as your guide. Do you have a favorite? Please share.

You can watch and read David McCullough's complete interview on 60 Minutes here.

xoxo Michele

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Jennie@gotmyreservations said...

We got Truman in our book club exchange last year and neither of us has opened it. Sounds like a worthy read for January; I also love David.

I am LOVD said...