Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Present Of Presence

December is when I go berserk with writing lists. Gift budgets, dentist appointments, holiday parties, the positives and negatives of gifting Nick a snake, dry cleaning, my new improved fail-proof workout plan!, food shopping, school plays. I worry myself when I obsessively re-write the lists, wanting the items I've crossed off to disappear, so I can completely focus on the ones that remain. Weird, no? Here is the deal: this season of merriment stresses me out. 

I often feel like Charlie Brown directing a play he has no business directing, and am in need Linus to remind me of what is truly important.

Children remind us daily of meaningful moments. Warm hugs in the morning, cold milk in the cereal, and lots of reading together. I cherish my reading time, but never as much as I do when life is running down the street like the Gingerbread Man

Reading is a priceless gift of time shared; a present of presence.

xoxo Michele   

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