Monday, October 15, 2012

The Importance Of Childhood Friendships

Special thanks to David Boraks for my newest favorite photo. I'd wear it as a necklace if I could.

I can't separate my childhood from the library. The friends I discovered there were as real to me as my neighborhood playmates. Mary Lennox shared the pain of loss, and the healing of sorrow through opening your heart to unexpected relationships. Charlotte bravely lived the secrets of true friendship. Tom Sawyer shared an adventurous world completely unbeknownst to this girl growing up in the quiet orchard town of Emmett, Idaho. NancyPippi, JoRamona and Beezus and Henry, Margaret, LauraMeg and Charles, Peter Susan Edmond and precious Lucy - I can't imagine my childhood without these friends.

As expected, my children chose their own fictional friends. Nick spent long evenings with Oswald and his siblings. When Bev, our children's librarian, introduced him to Hank, he disappeared for hours each day until the entire series was complete. Arielle became friends for life with Binah, Charlotte, Grace, Amy and Nicole. John enjoys the freedom of stepping into the divergent worlds of Calvin, Piggy and King Arthur - often in the same evening.

Childhood friendships, fact or fictional, are life-changing. Life-affirming. 

Life supplies the former, and the library shares the latter. 

Who were your fictional friends growing up? 

xoxo Michele

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Merrick Dunphy said...

I too have many childhood book-friends. Friends that I still love and visit occasionally. Ramona and Beezus. Anne. Laura and Mary. Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy. Frodo. even The Herdmans!