Thursday, October 25, 2012

Rock and Read

I'm not a morning person. But I'll brave the break of day to attend the Friends of the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library 3rd Annual Rock and Read 5K. If you are in the Charlotte area, come join me! We'll share a Summit coffee (or three) and a brisk walk (run? jog? my legs no comprendo). Proceeds benefit the book collections for the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library. Which really means, if you library, you're getting a bigger book collection

Sacrificing some sleep together makes the morning sweeter, especially when it benefits the crown jewel of sharing. If you're in the Charlotte area, click here to register. 

Want a completely painless way to help your local library? Use them. High circulation (the amount of media being checked out) has never been more important to your public library than it is today.  

xoxo Michele

Why buy happiness when your library shares it. Free music downloads through Freegal E-books, audio-books, and digital downloads are at your local library, just visit here or your local library website for complete information.

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