Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Second Life Of Abigail Walker

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Davidson Book Garden Dedication (free books donated by Davidson Public Library)

I could list all the reasons why I'm positively smitten with The Second Life Of Abigail Walker as a new read aloud with Arielle. Edie introduced me to the divine beauty of Wendell Berry earlier this year and I'm swooning after his poetry like a school girl at a Beatles concert. What? They're old news? Okay, a school girl at a One Direction concert. Open the front pages and there is Wendell Berry, an epigraph to proudly serve as the book's theme. 

The story deals with mean girls, and body-weight issues, and loving those that are undeserving; which under normal circumstances at the very least would put a few butterflies in my tummy and at the worst would cause my voice to shake while reading - but not with Frances O'Roark Dowell as the author. Her companionship is felt in every word, and bestows enough courage and comfort to read aloud with confidence. Did I mention Abby's mother is a reader and loves John and Abigail Adams and as I'm reading my daughter is shaking her head and saying, "it can't be - she is just like you." 

But the biggest reason why I'm enamored with this book is because it was personally handed to me by our public library children's librarian. She thought I'd like to read it. She thought of me and my daughter. 

The relationship I have with our local librarians is akin to having a personal life coach, a family and business and school coach, and especially dear to my heart: relationship cheerleaders. Libraries aren't just about books, music, movies and magazines. Libraries are about relationships. Family. Community. I am convinced it has something to do with their goodwill principle of sharing. A town is only as vibrant as their community library.

 Davidson Book Garden Dedication - (free books donated by Davidson Public Library)

Bake some cookies and go visit your local librarians today. You'll never regret the time you spend building a relationship with them, or the time you spend snuggled with your children within the pages of a great read. Like Abigail Walker, you can live a second life, or twenty, when you open up a book and share it with those you love. 

xoxo Michele

Why buy happiness when the library shares it. E-books, audio-books, and digital downloads are at your local library, just visit here or your local library website for complete information.

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Natalie T. said...

I love checking in with you here the night before a library trip. I get to put more books to look for on our lovely list. :) thanks for that! Happy Autumn!