Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Election Collection

I wanted to bring you fabulous DNC coverage, live from uptown Charlotte. People protesting. Southern hospitality. Me, dancing in the streets.  

But it was eerily quiet. This was my first presidential convention experience,  and my expectations were craving breathless hoopla and fireworks. Carl and I went to see Morning Joe and Mika moderate a lecture on the role of media in elections (it was awesome), and then had lunch nearby at swoony Ri Ra's (usually it is mission impossible to score outdoor seating).

When we got home I phoned a friend to relay my DNC disappointment, and Christine sympathetically reminded me it was, after-all, a workday. But all the businesses are closed, I cried. Disco dancing and street foxtrotting was frowned upon, mostly because the police appeared in favor of order and sidewalk strolling instead. And to be fair, we did not attend events at the Time Warner Cable Arena since it may have been mobbed; and who needs that, right?

But I know where there's an endless political party, especially welcoming of our children. Which is important, considering the low percentage of voting in our country.

And our favorite election movies. Ever.

Have you attended a presidential convention? Please share. 

xoxo Michele

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Sheila said...

Great book suggestions for my kiddos! Thank you! I really need to educate them a bit on what is going on. I am more of a stick my head in the sand type of person. I get and vote, but it all makes me very nervous. Have not been super confident in a presidential election in years....decades.

Jennie@gotmyreservations said...

Great post!