Thursday, September 13, 2012

Life Of Pi

Ang Lee, the genius behind the 1995 film, Sense and Sensibility, is producing a movie they said was unproduceable. It will be in theaters this Thanksgiving. 

I could have sworn I read this book, but after picking it up again so I'll be ready for the movie, most of the story is unfamiliar to me. Either I'm in early stages of dementia or this was a book I listened to on Audio-CD. I don't retain stories as well if my eyes aren't involved. Does that ever happen to you?

Even if the movie is beyond swoony, the source is always the best place to start. Yann Martel found inspiration to write Life Of Pi from this book. Richard Parker (the tiger) is named after a character in this book. You can find more books by Yann Martel here.

What books did you read before going to see the film adaptation?

xoxo Michele

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Anonymous said...

I was so exited to see this post!! I just read life of pi and then found our there will be a movie,I can't imagine how they will do it though! That is one book that Kingwood makes your mind explode at the end..I keep wanting to talk about it but no one I know had read the book!
Planning to read the Hobbit again this fall.I am nervous for the movie because that is maybe my favorite book!

Anonymous said...

Oh idea where the word "Kingwood" came from! I meant "will"! Silly autocorrect. :)

{edie} said...

I loved that book and somehow missed the quote. It reminds me of the gospel lesson for this Sunday from Mark 9, "I believe, help Thou my unbelief."
LOVED your post to the forum. And love you.

Ruth said...

Another boom to add to the never ending reading list. I am listening to Travel the Wine Dark Sea that you suggested. I was able to get it from our library. I am enjoying it but wish I had more time to listen to it.
Thanks for the recommendation and for your sweet comment.

Mimi said...

Such a great book and you quoted one of my favorites from the book. I didn't know a movie was coming. Thanks for sharing!