Thursday, September 6, 2012

Heroes For My Daughter

Several weeks ago, we adventured into Charlotte as a family for this. After the performance, we strolled dreamily down the city blocks. Arielle spotted quotes on columns of the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library and started reading while I snapped pictures of birds and trolleys and the entrance to The Dunhill Hotel. This was one of those evenings when I was glad there wasn't anyone taking photos of us: Carl and Nick engaged in coat-hanger tackling (an Australian football move), John (illegally) splashing in the fountain and me about to be pancaked by a trolley.

I hear Arielle excitedly shout, "She's here! Mom, come take a picture of me and Abigail!"

Abigail Adams is a hero for me and my daughter, not because of external beauty but rather because of her bravery. Courage when the world was on fire around her. Her ideas bring purpose and admonition. Like a great teacher, Abigail inspires us to aim higher. 

I'm thankful for books like Brad Meltzer's Heroes For My Daughter  (and his Heroes For My Son). Our family is forever grateful for the magical place that shares these heroes with all of us. Our access to knowledge has never been greater, but it can't be left to chance. 

Live. Learn. Library.

xoxo Michele

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