Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Harvest For The Heart

An amazing thing happened on the way to September. I had been so excited for New Chances New Year that almost without my awareness, the new school year actually started. Fresh bedtime and daytime routines commenced. Our beloved first born, Nicholas, transitioned into middle school without batting an eye. I couldn't perceive or fully appreciate the magnitude of this season without looking back. 

The produce in these photos from summer is a harvest for my heart.

Sometimes I feel a gentle nudge by an invisible hand, alerting me to the importance of historical moments in the making, and I grab my camera. The precious children I babysit are the age my children were just a few short years ago, but they won't be for long. Snapshots are a link to the past, and by looking back, I have a better understanding and appreciation for where we are today.

Books are snapshots of the past, too.

Books take us out of the bathtub of self and immerse us in the ocean of humanity. This is a big part of why I love reading with my children; great reads connect us to the world by helping us harvest the fruits of the past. 

Think of the library as the memory keeper of mankind. The snapshot sentinel of society. 

In this glorious season of harvest, what beautiful bounty from the library will you share with your family today?

Paddle-To-The-Sea is one of four books by Holling Clancy Holling. I can't recommend them highly enough.

xoxo Michele

Why buy happiness when the library shares it. E-books, audio-books, and digital downloads are at your local library, just visit here or your local library website for complete information.

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