Monday, August 6, 2012

The Birth of Looking Up

When God had made a host of them,
One little flower still lacked a stem
To hold its blossom blue;
So into it, He breathed a song,
And suddenly, with petals strong
As wings, away it flew.  
                                                                ~ John Banister Tabb

I celebrated my 45th birthday this weekend, and yet I'm relishing a new birth of sorts. Since discovering these books at the library, our walks have become adventures in looking up. Literally. 

Can borrowed beauty birth a new hobby, challenge the way you see and listen to the world around you? Can a few books influence how family time is spent? Yes. Find inspiration at your local library.

xoxo Michele


I am LOVD said...

Happy, happy, birthday my sweetest, most sweet bloggy friend!!!! I am singing to you right now in my tone-deaf voice..."Happy Birthdaaayyy tooooo youuuuuuuuuu. Cha-cha-cha!"

Sounds to me like 45 is looking very blessed!!!

I am LOVD said...

Hey, my comment appeared right away?! Didn't think I noticed the change, but I did. I know, it takes some guts, but you'll be fine. It'll toughen ya up, living life on the edge like that. Just remember, delete comment is only a click-away:-) Nice way to be gutsy, Michele:-0