Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Preserving Tales Of The South Pacific

When we read important works of literature with our children, we revive a forgotten humanity: courageous men and women, sacrifices and struggles, wisdom and folly, humor and despair, not to mention a terrific schooling in geography and the flora and fauna of amazing places like the Coral Sea. 

Voices of the past speak again. My eyes read but my heart feeds, and it's the same for Nick. We bring history to life while providing nourishment for ourselves. As a parent, I cherish these moments. I need them as much as my children do. 

Nick and I started the swoony Tales Of The South Pacific last night, but he couldn't stop at one chapter. Fellow moms, don't fear the war stories: my secret is envisioning Hollywood actors for the book characters, and I have to say I daydream about Ben Affleck. A lot. Some of the language is slightly inappropriate, but I skipped words without sacrificing the significance of the message. And the admonition found in the final paragraph of chapter one says it all for me. 

I have Colin Powell to thank for opening my eyes to this great read; he mentioned it as a favorite of his in the New York Times Book Review a few weeks ago. 

The library doesn't share books ~ they share the entire history of humanity ~ and I am profoundly grateful. They are an American quality to be proud of.

Keep history alive while nurturing your family - discover great men and women at your library today and share their stories with your children. 

xoxo Michele

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