Wednesday, August 8, 2012

New Chances New Year

From August 7th (give or take a day; this smoochie holiday is nothing if not flexible) until the children's First Day Of School we celebrate New Chances New Year. Although it doesn't include confetti and a crystal ball in Times Square, NCNY has resolutions, traditions, defining moments, and awesome theme colors. Does the library have anything to do with this holiday? Absolutely. If you have children, you're probably transitioning right now as well to the beginning of a new fall schedule. For me, this time of year feels more like a New Year than January 1st (no offense to the smoochie New Year's Baby - I adore that baby). Want to join me? 

I left an extra day in there in case I get too busy.
Monday-Friday posts only, no weekends.
And it may just be self-explanatory photos.
As Kerry says, it's known as August*.

If anyone knows how to do the linky, email me ( and I'll try and set it up so we can share and grow as a community. Hope you'll come back and visit next week.

xoxo Michele

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