Monday, August 13, 2012

NCNY Day One: Color Theme

Making up new a new holiday is mucho merry. Did I mention I turned 45 last weekend? It's just hitting me now. I need immeasurable merriness, sweet friends

I'm not ready for the end of Summer Olympics. Or summer. The children are singing the blues over their new sleep routine and the looming promise of homework (no more freedom! bah! humbug!). With the new school year barely a smidgen of two weeks away and our daily schedule about to do a 180 - I'm craving a celebration, how about you? 

Welcome to New Chances New Year, where we embrace the end of summer and look forward to the exciting opportunities of beginning a new year of school (and work for some of us). Since holidays have theme colors, and we're a teensy weensy bit batty for the Boise State Broncos, blue and orange it is. Which colors would you choose?

A few of our favorite fruits, navy bandanna's, and blue and orange covered books from the library lift my spirits immediately. It's amazing how quickly the fruit disappears when the table looks festive. Nick wanted to know why I don't do this every day. It's called lack of planning, but I think he accepted my "then it wouldn't be a holiday."

One of my smoochiest splurges last year was Penguin Postcards - a box of 100 dreamy Penguin book-cover postcards. I love framing and displaying them all over the house. 

I'm crafting a postcard wreath (it looked so much better in my head). My purse is sporting a luscious orange silk scarf (it looks so much better on her than me). And our entire family is discovering swoony books shared by the library that fit into our color theme and beautifully support our NCNY resolutions.

Focusing on the exciting new chances that a fall schedule brings has encouraged my heart to accept that this magical summer is fixing to hang up its Closed sign.

Speaking of closed signs, this sign has to be one of the funniest ever. It has me daydreaming about how we'll bring this NCNY to a close on the 27th. Long live Baba Ghannouji.

Tomorrow we can explore some NCNY resolutions. What are a few of yours?

xoxo Michele

Why buy happiness when the library shares it. E-books, audio-books, and digital downloads are at your local library, just visit here or your local library website for complete information.


I am LOVD said...

Lately I'm loving yellow and gray. Need to get away from red and turquiose - too summery and it's reality check time.

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness. Those book postcards are wonderful!!!! Wow!

Just catching up on your blog after being out at camp for a big chunk of my summer! Good news is even though I wasn't online I have definitely been immersed in books! Something about August makes me want to re-read all my favorites.