Friday, August 17, 2012

NCNY Day Five: {New Traditions}: Three Tips On Introducing Shakespeare To Children

Arielle's grandparents visited Italy this summer and brought back a stunning Venetian mask for her. Little did we know it would become a favorite part of her wardrobe. Thanks to Shakespeare.

Introducing him to our children has mostly been through books and movies from the library; but Wednesday evening, we ventured into Charlotte and attended The Merchant Of Venice

It was magical. Brilliant. It was two and half hours long. Arielle and I are now day-dreaming about becoming the beautiful Portia. John (our rambunctious eight year old) understood the story line without comprehending most of the dialogue. Nick was riveted from the opening line, even though he won't admit it. 

If you are inspired to introduce your children to The Bard of Avon, here are my three tips for a successful outing.

Sit In The Front Row. Fight the urge to sit towards the back because you might have to make a quick exit. The performers were so close the children couldn't take their eyes off of them, and there wasn't anyone in front of us to distract or divert their attention from the stage. You may miss a few angles, but you'll keep your sanity.

Feed Your Children. We had dinner at a nearby restaurant just before the show. After being seated, we gave each of them a package of M&M's. I could be in trouble here because you aren't supposed to have food in the theatre, but it was so worth the risk. Why they allow wine and beer for us and not snacks for the kids seems a bit arbitrary to me. 

Borrow The Bard's Beauty From The Library. I can't get enough of the Shakespeare Can Be Fun books. Two additional reads we're enjoying are Tales From Shakespeare and Bravo, Mr. William Shakespeare. When you read the classics with your children, you're gifting them priceless knowledge and a lifelong love of literature. 

Attending a Shakespeare play has become a NCNY tradition that I hope my children will continue with their children.

If you have some tips and tricks on how to share Shakespeare, please leave a comment.

You can find more NCNY inspiration here.

xoxo Michele

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