Thursday, August 2, 2012

4 Ways The Library Makes The Summer Olympics Better

Are you glued to the Olympic tv coverage each evening? Our family has been snuggled together, cheering on Gabby, Missy, Allison, Carrie and Misty, and of course, the bullet boys of the pool. 

But my kids have questions, and our library shares the answers with borrowed beauty. Here are four ways the library has added significance to the Summer Olympics for our family.

{1} Movies While Munich is for adults only, we enjoyed The Real Olympics together. The library shares additional titles, like Chariots Of Fire, Wilma and One Day In September.

{2} Music Have I mentioned how much I rely on music to motivate a "win" in the kitchen? Michael Phelps isn't the only one jamming to Lil Wayne to get into the zone, but I don't own a mp3 player. Dear readers, I'm still crushing on my boombox (my son John shares this affection). Carl took to poking fun of my outdated song-playing style, so I did what any self-respecting CD sweetheart would do: I painted an armoire we weren't using, schlepped it into the kitchen and hid my boombox along with the microwave inside of it. I deserve a medal for the armoire-schlepping alone. 

{3} Cookbooks Why Jamie Oliver in the Olympic collection? In honor of the summer games being held in London, I brought home several British chefs from the library and fell in love with Jamie. Just for the record, Jamie is in love with his garden, and his wife, not me. But I'm totally cool with that.

His cookbook, At Home, is designed more like a personal photo album with recipes inside; you can feel the difference in the weight of the pages and the visionary layout. Dreamy times infinity, sweet friends, especially his garden. The fact that he dedicated it to Steve Irwin piqued my son Nick's interest and we made a few of Jamie's salads and indulged in his perfect calzone. Hubby was so deliriously happy he forgot about making fun of my boombox for a day or two.

{4} Books Where do I begin with the Olympic great reads from the library? We all have our own favorites (I adore all the Adventures In books because each page has items that are new to us). John has discovered the You Wouldn't Want To Be series, Arielle loves The Complete Book Of The Olympics and as you might have guessed, I'm thoroughly consuming The Naked Olympics.


The swoony Summer Olympics quadruple in meaning when you share the borrowed beauty of the library with your family. What have you brought home?

xoxo Michele

Arielle can't wait for the library to share Phillip Phillips...

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Merrick Dunphy said...

I am so ... not following the Olympics, at all.