Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Well With My Soul

The soul is healed by being with children.   ~ Fyodor Dostoyevsky

I count it among life's greatest treasures: time spent with my children. But those moments aren't without stress. Mostly because I make lists; lists in my head, on paper, across the calendar, and like Sarah Palin, on the palm of my hand. Summer has picked up the pace and  seems to be dashing towards Fall; I feel compelled to make the most of our fleeting family days. Did I mention we are a one-car family? I actually love not having two cars, so this isn't a complaint, but when I have a chance to drive past our town, my brain is revving to achieve while my heart is relishing to play

Today was such a day. 

Arielle and I found a beautiful wood frame at the local Restore and the goal was a blackboard for the kitchen. Epic fail. According to my all-important list, a four hour epic, peeling, messy, fail. My head is whispering, Is this what you have to show for your day?

Arielle sees through my counterfeit smile and says, how about painting over it? She pulled out a library book on her favorite artist, Mary Cassatt, and opened it to a page that we could realistically attempt (which means, absolutely no portraits). My heart whispered back to my brain, All is well with my soul.

Children redeem time with their lack of lists and pressing agendas. They fully live in the moment. Youth are unparalleled in the ability to remind us that we used to unify our head, heart and spirit in creativity rather than split our personalities: heads checking off boxes, hearts checking the clock and a spirit completely checking out. The library shares beauty that inspires artistic healing to a wounded blackboard, and this mom (who is in serious need of bonding time with her own inner child). I'll keep you updated on the art in progress...

xoxo Michele


paige said...

what a beautiful post...
looking forward to the finished piece :)

Michele said...

Thank you Paige - I just posted an updated photo in Friday's post. It is gradually becoming a work of wonder.