Sunday, July 22, 2012

"Like The Trees Were Hung With Ornaments"

Jonathan Franzen realized this after spending a morning birding in Central Park ~ he was invited by his girlfriend's relatives and politely accepted - you know how it is when beginning a budding relationship. This was the same park he had strolled through daily for twenty years, and yet he was seeing as if for the first time. That solitary expedition made him a birder. It gives deeper meaning to his book cover choice for Freedom. You can watch Jonathan and fellow birders in the astounding HBO documentary playing through July 31st, Birders: The Central Park Effect. I can't recommend it highly enough, even if you aren't into feathered creatures, but you will be after viewing.

The children and I have been reading in Genesis that birds were one of the first creatures God created, and they are the last migrating species to share our outdoor space (at least here in Davidson, North Carolina). We arise each morning to their cheerful singing, share the same desire to nest, nurture, and raise our young; and yet I know very little about them. 

I'm thankful for the library sharing their vast abundance of birding books, movies and audio cd's to help grow my newest outdoor passion. I can brush up on our common backyard birds now, and have time to become familiar with the migrating birds of spring and fall that pass through the Carolinas.

Are you local and interested in becoming a birder? Consider joining the Carolina Bird Club - I just did and am looking forward to their upcoming fall meeting in Greenville, SC. 

How are libraries like birds? Their shelves resemble tree branches and are adorned with ornaments of borrowed beauty: books, music, magazines, movies and more. Books have the power to help you soar from your normal daily life into new adventures of your own choosing. All you need is your library card. I hope you'll visit them today. 

xoxo Michele

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