Thursday, July 19, 2012

Library Living At Home: Writing Nook, Library Style

My writing nook is coming together. A few simple ledges from Ikea, plus books and magazines from the library, divinely define my motto of spending less and sharing more.

I can display library magazines and books rather than hide them on a shelf. Nobody puts baby in a corner, but I put books there, and the results are stunning. 

Details has been priceless in helping me see my house differently, and I've borrowed it so many times you'd think I'd just buy it already. But my experience has been that most often, borrowing is better than buying. Sharing is contagious, and leads to finding more treasures, like Ruby and Begonia's Decorating Style, which I'm majorly crushing on right now.

Has the library inspired you to create a reading and writing nook at home? Or just a new way to display library beauty? Please share.

Library books add an exciting essence to my kitchen. I may have to break down and buy The Flavor Bible. Awesomeness times infinity, sweet readers. I say that about most books, just ignore me on the buying part.  

The shelves were another inexpensive Ikea find, but all the books are from the library.

Library beauty plays a key role in my home design and serves a dual purpose; adding a continual mix of new knowledge and stylish variety.

I can constantly change up the feel of a space by replacing the books and magazines without having to move furniture or take on big projects. My back (and husband) are thankful. Borrowing more and buying less prevents storage space issues as well, which I know intimately from living in a 1200 sf house.

I buy a few books online (mostly required reading for the children) but most of my purchased books come from the library sale table; five paperbacks for $1.00 and hardbacks for fifty cents. Variety at a tremendous value, another reason that the library is my fave. 

In fact, sharing movies, music, books, and magazines from the library is how I found the budget for flowers from the Farmer's Market and shelves from Ikea.

A sincere thank you to sweet Jeanne at Perfect Imperfections for the Versatile Blogger Award. I'm working on several home projects and will be taking a mini-vacation until next week. There is nothing like having out of town guests to inspire slightly panicked, massive domestic activity.

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xoxo Michele


Jennie@gotmyreservations said...

I am so with you on the out-of-town guests creates manic activity. I've got one guest bedroom operable; now I'm working on the other one.

I love this post!

Jensamom23 said...

What a great idea to decorate with library books! I do so with my own, but would never have thought of this. Lovely!

Kerry Rossow said...

Oh, I swoon! I love this space!

Michele said...

Thank you, sweet friends!