Monday, July 30, 2012

Fabulous {Effortless} Photo Art

All you need to make this effortless photo art is a cherished photograph, PhotoScape (it's free) or your own photo editing software, your computer and a printer.

This post is completely overboard with photos and my mega-wordy attempt at explaining how I created them, so if you don't want to make photo art please stop reading now. Forgive me, but I'm hyped up on Summer Olympics and a dreamy visit with my smoochie in-laws (the Italian pastries they brought from Brooklyn hasn't helped, either). 

I wanted to add some large photos of the children to my in-progress art wall but didn't want to pay for printing. I started with photo close-ups of the kids.

Helpful Tip: I noticed for this project that close-ups of my children from a side angle worked better than photos looking straight at the camera. 

What is PhotoScape? A free on-line photo editing service you download to beautify your photos. I couldn't blog without it. After downloading, you will see this page. Click on "Page".

That will lead you to a page where you choose a photo from your files, your template size and type of template. I chose the template titled "layer base a 2" but I do not layer. When you drag your photo over from your file, drag to the white part of the template and ignore the part of the template that says "photo" because when you hit "edit" it will disappear (I'll be explaining that in a few more steps). Let's talk about template size for a second.

I like this template size, but you may want to adjust yours. You can also change your background color (I leave it on white) and you can add a frame (I love frames, but for this project I left it blank).

Drag your selected photo onto the white part of template, ignore the part that says "photo".

I love this photo, but I want John's head to be larger, so you can go to the edge of your photo and make the image bigger. 

Once you have the photo the size and centered the way you want, click on the "Edit" button.

This is the fun part. Locate the B&W button and click on it.

Your photo will change to a black and white and the threshold window will be open. This photo is too dark. I'm going to adjust the threshold from 140 to 114.

By adjusting the threshold I get the print I'm looking for. 

Now I'm ready to print. Go to the lower right corner and click on "Menu" and  then click on "Print". Sometimes I "save" first, but most of the time I'm just plain lazy and don't save at all.

I printed these as full pages - 8x10, but you can make any size.

Print and you're ready to frame and hang. 

How awesome is this - it doesn't have to be in black and white. By choosing a different template and adjusting the color you can create colorful wall art.

When you are adjusting the threshold, click on the the color bar for numerous color choices.

I'm having so much fun right now working on book art for framing. Ahab's Wife is unforgettable. Thank you, Natalie, for suggesting this great read. And thank you to Jeanne for inspiring my inner artist. 

Thank you library, for providing the transportation to everywhere we want to go.

What will you create today?

xoxo Michele

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