Sunday, July 1, 2012

And True Blue

We were about one third Tories, and one third timid, and one third true blue. 

In honor of our nation's birth-week, I've created red, white, and blue themed collections that feature some of my favorite store buys with beautiful borrows from the library. I'm kicking off with the blue collection because I want the post titles in Google Reader to line up from top to bottom, rather than bottom to top. You're happy right now that we aren't FIRL, aren't you? I can tell.

Oh, and my collections will not be all July Fourth-ish beyond the color scheme, as per my daughter's request. She insisted she knows all there is to know about John Adams and wants to see me get with the 21st Century already. Fine.

Smoochie hubby and the children bought me the pink and blue bag from Barnes and Noble for Mother's Day, and I loved it so much I ordered a blue one, because you should see how many books I can carry back and forth from the library every week. There ought to be an Olympic category: Library Relay. Really, who would I call about setting this up, because I think I have a good shot at gold. Last year when my daughter was making her Wish List to Santa, she added to the bottom, "and 25 library book bags for my mom that don't break open when you put 50 books in them." Precious child. I seem to remember her stocking having some extra goodies.

I had a blast searching the book, music and magazine shelves at the library for my favorite media dressed up in darling blue dust jackets. When I found the I Hate To Cook Book, it was scary how much the cover is like looking in the mirror, except, instead of a cheery chef hat, I wear a ominous grey cloud.

When I was young, the 4th of July meant running around the backyard at dusk with sparklers and cousins, my Aunt Audrey's popcorn balls (must call her for the recipe), seeded watermelon (perfect for spitting contests into my grandmother's flowerbed of marigolds), Shasta Root Beer, picnics in the park and fireworks at the fairgrounds. Those memories remain fresh in my heart, but they're now holding hands with thoughts of Abigail Adams as she and her four very young children held down the farm in Massachusetts as John tirelessly pleaded with the Continental Congress in Philadelphia for freedom from King George (I love this book for me and this book for my children). I remember the brave Lucy Knox, daughter of a prominent Tory, who never saw her parents again when the fighting began at Lexington and Concord because they were now on opposite sides of the war. She had married the smoochie Henry Knox (I can't blame her. He was, after all, a bookstore owner), who became a legendary officer for George Washington (if you haven't read this with your children, don't walk - run - to your library today).

So my collection wasn't all Independence Day retro, but my post was. That seems fair and balanced to me, Arielle. I love how borrowing beauty from the library can expand and deepen our memories and personal experiences. As we get ready to celebrate our country's birthday, where would you have fit in 236 years ago: Tory, Timid, or True Blue?

Me? Totally timid. 

xoxo Michele

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