Saturday, July 28, 2012

An Olympic Sized Reader In Training

My swoony favorite Olympic Opening Ceremonies, ever. They began with a reading of Shakespeare, and a short while later as they were celebrating British children's literature, JK Rowling read a bit of Peter Pan. After that, a host of Mary Poppins dropped in to rescue a child in the middle of a bad dream. 

It left an indelible impression on my children, not only because they were familiar with these bodies of work, but because reading was being celebrated as important.

Nick asked me later if I was upset that they didn't include some of our other favorite British authors: CS Lewis, Edith Nesbit, Tolkien, Lewis Carroll, Roald Dahl, Dick King-Smith, and his personal fave at the moment, Robert Muchamore. Upset? How can I be disappointed when my boy is on his way to becoming an Olympic-sized reader? 

His training was established at the library; and his personal trainer is Bev, our local children's librarian. I hope you're encouraged to visit your library today, it won't cost you anything but time with your children. It has been my personal experience that there isn't a greater investment in this lifetime than spending time with our children.

Happy Birthday weekend, Nicholas. We are beyond thankful for the gift of you.

xoxo Mom 

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Yay for Brit Lit!