Tuesday, July 31, 2012

3 Reasons Why You Should Read The Hobbit With Your Children Now

The movie doesn't come out until December, but now is the time to pick up this great read (or audio book) from your local library. Here are three important reasons why.

It should go without saying that I'm mostly a believer that the book is better than the movie: a movie is like a first date where everyone is trying to impress, but the book is a first date right on through to a bonding relationship between the characters/author and the reader. Unless the publisher has made major changes, there is no middle man between you and the writer. Reading the book before watching the movie can actually make the film more meaningful.

{1} A Family Adventure. Tolkien must have adored families, because The Hobbit has the power to take your entire family out of your home and into another world. You will have as much fun reading it as the children will have listening. Not up for the challenge? Snuggle up and listen to it with your children on audio.

{2} Preparation. Yes ~ when you read classics like The Hobbit with your children, you are preparing them for the required reading of high school and college, but more importantly, you are preparing them for life. 

It's a classic because you can't read it and not dive into discussions about the characters and challenges. Both your head and heart wrestle with the ideas tucked neatly between the covers. You'll continue to meditate on the themes long after the book has closed, and your children will never forget that you took the time to share this significant exploration with them. While reading a classic may feel at times like a luxury (or possibly a burden), it is really a necessity for overall growth

{3} Looking forward. Looking back. I know The Hobbit is considered a fantasy, but it has a heart that pulses both the joyous and heartbreaking truths of real life. When we read to our children The Hobbit or its sequel, The Lord Of The Rings, magic happens; we are stretching their imaginations forward while contemplating historic ideas of the brilliant mind of Tolkien.

The library shares all the books above and much more of Tolkien's work. I hope you are inspired to pick up a few today and share this meaningful wisdom with your children. 

xoxo Michele 


Amy Sullivan said...

I was just thinking about another book similar to this book, and thinking my daughter was too young for it. Alas, after reading your words, I think I am wrong, wrong, wrong.

I am LOVD said...

My husband read The Hobbit to our son when he was only 5 years old and he absolutely fell in love! You have no idea how greatly anticipated this movie is in our house!!!!!!!

Natalie T. said...

My dudes and I are in! Can't decide if we should read separately , book club style, or read aloud. Hmmmm? Exciting and awesome either way. :)