Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer Afternoon

Summer afternoon - Summer afternoon... the two most beautiful words in the English language.

Walking home from the swimming hole on a summer afternoon is topped only by finishing one book and starting another while the children were playing Marco Polo and Movie Titles. Have you enrolled your children in the summer reading program yet? (there's a fabulous program for us adults, too). A beautiful library birdie told me you get $5.00 worth of fine forgiveness when signing up, along with some great prizes. 

Fine forgiveness - now those are two of the most beautiful words in any language. Am I right, Amy?

Have a warm and wonder-filled summer weekend, sweet friends and readers.

xoxo Michele 


Jennie@gotmyreservations said...

I think of my fines as the cost of books I didn't buy and don't have to store. I love the library, and I really love the idea of fine forgiveness -- in all of its meanings. :)

Michele said...

Hello sweet Jennie! I agree with you - every word.


Amy Sullivan said...

Oh, yes, fine forgiveness! Those two little words make my heart dance and jump around.

What a great idea about offering $5.00 off fines. I wonder if my library does that...not that I am going to earn a fine. Nope, not me. Well, I can't make you any promises.