Sunday, June 17, 2012

Six Days

Saturday night, Nick curled up next to me on the bed and said, "You won't be reading to me for a week." Six days, I corrected him. His first sleep-away camp, and the first time I haven't read to him (almost) nightly.  

So we started a new series that our astounding children's librarian, Bev, recommended. I read the first chapter and upon completion asked my standard question when beginning a new author or series. "Go, or no?"

"Mom," Nick answered solemnly, "You'd better pack the entire series."

Six days. Dearest Beverly, what can you recommend for a heartsick mama that will take me out of reality until this Saturday? Actually, Arielle and I may have found the answer in our kitchen (with the help of the library, of course). Here's a sneak peak:

Six days. If all I gain is six pounds we'll call it a successful week. Help, sweet friends and readers. How did you survive your child's first sleep-away camp?

xoxo Michele 


I am LOVD said...

Ah, that comes this year in the 5th grade - sleep away camp for 3 days at the end of the year. Not looking forward to it, but it's a good precursor to his next years after that...6th grade= 1 week in Williamsburg, 7th grade= 1 week in Washington D.C., 8th grade = 1 week in NYC - not to quite sure where I'll be spending my days when those days come! You've intrigued me with thoughts of YUM!!!

Hang in there my friend and find solace in sweets:-)

Michele said...

Good news - his scout leader was kind enough to send photos this morning to all the camper's families. This mama could see that Nick is having a blast and it put my heart and mind at ease. But our kitchen (and my waistline) will never be the same.....