Monday, June 4, 2012

My Newest Summer Obsession: The Ninja

I have had two coffee smoothies today, thanks to my new friend Ninja. Is everyone worried like I am I'll be up til midnight? The children have blown through a bag of frozen berries and container of Greek yogurt this weekend (without even knowing it, I'm so stealth like her). 

What makes summer even smoochier? The library and their awesomeness of sharing the books above so we can make endless combinations of healthy sweetness. Okay, so the MixShakeStir may not be considered "healthy", but sweet friends, this mama requires a libation every once in awhile to keep me, well, noninsane.

xoxo Michele

If you have had trouble (e.g. rubber ring breakage, motors that laugh at you, smoke and then die) with traditional blenders (like I obviously have), you will love the Ninja. Inexpensive (found it on sale for $19.00) and easy to clean, too. 

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I am LOVD said...

My son is a smoothie chef! He loves taking control of the blender and just smoothing away. We have the Kitchen Aide blender and it's been pretty good to us, even after 15 years of service!