Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Magazines and More Library Borrowed Beauty

For years I subscribed to several magazines, and for the most part it was a satisfying relationship. But then we moved into a 1200sf home with only one (yes, as in, 1) closet for five people.

Storage quickly became an issue (bad joke, I know). And I often felt pressured to read said magazines within a few days of their arrival. Dear readers, I'm known for my amazing ability to avoid pressure, so these magazines would stack up. Unread. Cluttered. Staring at me while I tried to sleep.

Heavy sighing emanated from hubby if I prevented him from taking them to the recycling bin. I may need them, read them, someday. It could happen, ya know.


The library provided a sublime solution. Sharing. I can borrow them on my own time-table. And I no longer feel compelled to read them in order ~ or even in our current season.

I mostly wanted them for their book recommendations anyway, and those never go out of style.

The antique utensil handle was a gift from this sweetest friend.

I'm often asked, "what if you want to hold onto an inspiration page, article or recipe?" My solution: I take a picture and store it on my smoochie Penguin named Pictito (my daughter refers to it as a flash-drive). And there's Pinterest. Would love for you to follow me to the library - and I'd like to follow you as well.

What has the library shared with you recently?

xoxo Michele


I am LOVD said...

My recent picks from the library...Your Money or Your Life and In Defense of Food. I'm in the middle of both so I'll let you know if it's worth bringing up again in conversation.

Merrick Dunphy said...

I never get magazines from the library. I'm afraid they won't survive! Books, CDs, Audiobooks, etc... sure... magazines...somehow aren't working for me.

Recent reads up on my blog.