Thursday, June 14, 2012

5 Father's Day Finds From The Library

Give this smoochie daddy an Italian five course meal followed by a two hour nap and his Father's Day is perfection. But I love to add beauty from the library throughout the week as a way to say we appreciate his interests, value his personality, and enjoy sharing his humor. Especially his humor. 

Here are our 5 Father's Day Finds From The Library:

Audio Books. Carl spends hours in the car daily. He loved Friedman's audio book and is now listening to this. And we enjoyed this as a family in the car (we had to skip a few chapters deemed inappropriate for children - but Bryson's account of Milton Milton's father was hysterical to the point of almost missing an exit). 

Book Series. Carl is not a book reader, but I'm a hopeless dreamer, so I bring them home from the library and strategically place them throughout the house. Our best date nights were because of this HBO series. Audio books are also available.

Music. One of Carl's top ten songs ever is on this CD. I knew that and surprised him by playing it on our road trip over the weekend. It made his day and I racked up a bunch of forgiveness points to offset my disastrous meal planning deficits. 

Comics. Carl is reading this in the photo at the top of the post. The boys were next. I may have even caught Rocket turning a few pages while he thought we were sleeping. 

Movies. This timeless classic is available for sharing at your local library. The audio book is swoonie times infinity. 

What borrowed beauty would you bring home for your favorite fathers? 

We are off on exciting adventures this weekend, but I'll be back next week with more borrowed beauty from the library to enjoy over the summer.

Happy Father's Day Weekend.

xoxo Michele



Amy Sullivan said...

Just had a killer library experience and since my family doesn't find it very exciting, I knew the person to go!

I had quite a total in late fees and therefore, for the past, um, I don't know forever, I've been checking out books in my daughter's name. Well, guess what? They switched computer systems and declared my fines "forgiven". For real, it was like Christmas.

Hope you are well, Michele.

I am LOVD said...

I think even your dog reads books in your household!!!!

Michele said...

How exciting, Amy! Sharing, forgiving....libraries rock.

Rocket should be a reader, Lilly. He loves to lay on the bed (especially with the kids) while they are reading.