Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Summer Reading For Girls: Oceans

Library learning over the summer is as sweet as lemonade and wet Rocket running through the house wearing John-John's goggles (don't ask) blinding him so he's knocked over chairs and me and is now drying himself in the pile of laundry that I'll have to re-wash. Sweet library, the things you don't see because I only show you sweet photos.

I'm a fan of sharing all the borrowed beauty the library offers ~ and they are so much more than books. The library welcomes us to engage all five of our senses: I live for putting together themed collections for my children and all the children I pretend are mine (which is now in the hundreds). 

Start with a craft or drawing book, like Ralph Masiello's Ocean Drawing Book.

I need some music. And all this ocean art has us curious about sea creatures. I feel some poetry coming on. Did I mention I'm getting hungry for some new summer recipes? 

Chapter books. My darling daughter is now asking for chapter books (for those of you that follow my saga, darling daughter has rejected chapter books until discovering these beauties).

These are a few of the chapter books on our summer reading list. We just started reading The Callahan Cousins aloud last week:

So far we're loving it. Especially since it's a series. And the author's website is terrific, with detailed info on the cousins. Oh, and it has maps. I'm absolutely nutty for maps. Maps and summer and lemonade and air conditioning. And lots of sangria. I'm all set. 

Library living is meaningful, memorable and magical for families. 

I hope you'll visit your library today, put a collection together with your children and leave a comment on your borrowed beauty. I have a boy's collection coming up after Memorial Day Weekend. 

Live. Learn. Library.

xoxo Michele


Shelley. said...

LOVE THOSE PAINTINGS! Great idea. I need to do finger painting with my kids. We always do watercolor. That looks like total fun.

Amy Sullivan said...

So, I now you don't blog for money, but my gosh, the library should hire you. Every time I'm here, I want to scamper there for some paperback goodness. Plus, I thought of you when our summer reading program was introduced. I thought Michele would make this so much more visually appealing and fun. Why don't our libraries have library bloggers? I would totally follow them. Maybe they do, and this I must check out.

Jennifer L said...

ooh! I am going to put these on reserve at my library right now! This looks like a great collection--we love love Night of the Moonjellies. One of our favorites. And Ina Garten always has good summer food selections too....I am off to request the others :-)

Michele said...

It was a blast, Shelly. Children give us daily chances to have fun - I love to color with crayons, too!

I love you, Amy! I feel like I am paid in a non-conventional way without pressure or anxiety to perform - nothing but passion. I get to talk about my kids non-stop (someone once told me I talk about my children too much - whatever that means), I've heard from the sweetest librarians asking me if they can use my quotes in their presentations (joy!) and my fave: emails from readers that contact me to say "I had never really understood the importance of our library until your blog" or "I'm reading to my children now" or "the library has become our second home". Oh, and it's a great excuse to take thousands of photos (which I did before the blog but now hubby doesn't shake his head that the camera is my third hand. As much).

I'm right there with you Jennifer! I love that we can shop for music, crafts, movies, art and books on any subject - all with our library card - and the children are self-leading-learning. Is that a word or what? :)

Grazie to all my readers. It is joy to share what you love.

xoxo michele