Thursday, May 31, 2012

Library Is Another Word For Adventure

Can I share a secret with you? My children frequently tell me they do not want to go to the library. But once we're there, it's difficult to get them out the door. Summer is also a time I hear the phrase I'm bored tumble from their sassy smoochie little faces.

So I'm planning a new strategy this summer. Playing on my son's obsession with his National Park's Passport, I'm making Library Passports. And I'm sharing the templates with you.

I'm heading to CVS (totally nutty about CVS, am I) tomorrow to pick up little spiral notebooks, and 50 glue-sticks (can never have enough glue-sticks). The children can adhere this template to the cover:

I'm making a template for the inside pages, something like this:

But I may change it. I'll take lots of photos (big surprise there) and share how they assembled their Library Passports over the weekend. Please help yourself to the templates and if you have creative ideas on how to make the passport more exciting for the kids, please share.

I can see them sharing the Library Passports with their new teachers in the fall, how about you?

Don't forget to sign up for the library summer reading program here.

xoxo Michele


Shelley. said...

Oooh, Love this idea, Michele! I may have to borrow that one. =)

Anonymous said...

This is such a FANTASTIC idea!!

Michele said...

Thank you, the kids loved making them, but the quality is b.a.d. - really bad. As soon as school is out (this friday) Arielle and I will break out the sewing machine and work on cloth covers. I'm hoping for a book diary that will last. I certainly wish I would have had this as a young reader - it would be so much fun to go back and see what I had read in a year. I will keep you posted!

xoxo michele