Thursday, May 3, 2012

Librariologist Living: David Macaulay

History. Does the subject just make you giddy or ready to click to a different blog with pretty photos of this season's smoochiest sandals? Bear with me. 

If you're a mom, you'll want to know about history, even if you think you don't. So I've coerced convinced our family that we are treasure seekers (our fave fictional characters are from her beloved book with that title) of antiquity. Keep bearing with me.

Hilarious Disclaimer: I don't know much about history; I found it utterly wretched while attending school, and it seemed that dates meant more to my teachers than the event itself. But I don't let that stop me from rolling around in antiquity. Are you still there?

So where to start. I usually let the enthusiasm of my children guide us. But if you want a personal recommendation, it would be David Macaulay.

I highly recommend borrowing one book and a corresponding PBS Video. Watch the movie as a family and then read the book together. David is a genius when it comes to loving process rather than dates.

Not So Hilarious Disclaimer #2: Your smoochie spring sandal budget? After spending time with history, it will be spent on these

Which David Macaulay book and DVD beauty would you borrow first?

xoxo Michele

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Pam said...

A few years ago our local museum (Currier Gallery of Art) had an amazing exhibit feature Macaulay's work.

He is an incredible artist.