Monday, May 7, 2012

Librariologist Living: Carl Sandburg

We have become completely obsessed with National Parks, and this past Sunday we visited Carl Sandburg's home. 

I've read some of his poetry, but I didn't know much about him. He and his family moved from Michigan to this property of 248 acres in the 1940's. His wife needed more room for her goats. Carl needed solitude to write. Their wishes came true at Connemara {Irish meaning: "Of the sea."}

He brought close to 16,000 books from Michigan. Sixteen thousand books. I tried counting all the books he had read on Abraham Lincoln and lost track around 125. 

The opposite wall is full of books as well. The hallways, the basement, every room except for the kitchen and bathrooms were draped in book beauty. Carl dropped out of school in the 8th grade to help his family, but his love of reading was a lifelong endeavor.

His wife Lilian raised champion dairy goats, and their bloodline lives on in the kids we saw this weekend. Can I say goats and glorious in the same sentence? We will be returning soon or the children might run away. 

When we arrived at home I went online and put these two books on hold at our local library. History is living beauty - to visit antiquity in person and to be transported there through the pages of Carl Sandburg's words - the treasure seeker in me is singing love songs.

You can find more library treasure here

xoxo Michele

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Beth said...

You went! Yay! I have a feeling you and Carl would have been fast friends.