Wednesday, May 30, 2012

{Lib Jr.} Summer Reading For Boys: Rivers and Lakes

All that John's missing is the corncob pipe and straw hat - but I'm betting he'll start an inside-out-backwards-shirt trend this week (when you're camping and mama doesn't pack 15 shirts you get to wear them an extra day like this; it's all in my Mama's Camping Rulebook ~ which is ideally printed in my head and can be changed repeatedly without having to look for a pencil with an eraser).

Summer and camping are BFF's, so there is no greater time to focus on rivers and lakes by borrowing the above beauty from the library. Start with The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, add a favorite Veggie Tales movie, make a few of the experiments in Rivers and mighty Mississippi have mercy: you and your children are library learning. 

Look for a few picture books like The Raft and River Beds as well. These are the books your children will read under the covers with a flashlight long after you've fallen asleep.

Nick has Gary Paulsen on his summer reading list for school, but we add poetry (Langston Hughes is one of our faves), movies (don't miss Rivers and Tides) and music (Rhythm On The River is ultimate summer traveling music) ~ an awesome way to library. We cooked from The Dutch Oven Cookbook while camping and plan to add this menu at home during the summer.

But I've saved the best for last. Holling Clancy Holling - you are my newest swoonie author crush. I'm predicting these will be my fave all time read alouds of the summer. There are four books: Minn of the Mississippi, Paddle-to-the-Sea, Seabird, and Tree In The TrailDreamy times infinity, sweet friends.   

Loaded with breathtaking art and sketches, Minn of the Mississippi tells the story of a snapping turtle and her adventure on the Mississippi River. All four of the books are gift-worthy (these will be in our permanent collection soon). 

Share borrowed beauty and knowledge this summer with the boys you love. You can sign your children up for the library summer reading program here.

xoxo Michele

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I am LOVD said...

Speaking of Gary Paulsen, we just finished up his phenomenal book titled Hatchet. WOW!!!! Talk about survival!!!!! I highly, highly recommend it. The summer reading we got from our school is titled Seed Folk.