Monday, April 9, 2012

The World Within

I'm homesick, which is a normal reaction to spending the Easter holiday without extended family. My kin is in the Northwest, my husband's is in the Northeast. But they are also right here with me in North Carolina. I carry a world within, where the past lives on and dances around the present. And when I find an author that speaks to this world within - well, let's just say the laundry starts to pile up and dinner is of the microwave variety. Frederick Buechner is new to me, but we're becoming fast friends. This is what I'm reading right now.

Yet another reason to love the library: the stacks are filled with new and old friends for your world within.

xoxo Michele


Amy Sullivan said...

Whew, I just read all the way to the library book kits. Good stuff.

Thank you.

Thank you for having such a real and original place here on the web. Your words and posts are unique, and I love stopping by. I always feel so refreshed.

Off to retweet your library book club kits post. I host a kids' book club, and I love that the library has what we already need.

ps Beautiful picture!

I am LOVD said...

Such a beautiful family...and so happy, too!

Michele said...

Thanks for the book club tweet, Amy! I think you would enjoy the book we are reading - Mountains Beyond Mountains (about Dr. Paul Farmer and the selfless work he has done in Haiti).

Thank you, sweet Lilly!