Monday, April 30, 2012

Playing In The Pain

Dear Arielle,

Sunday when you said, "Love hurts like nothing else." ~ you were voicing a truth older than time. Loving others, as you instantly loved those precious baby guineas, means freely sending our heart outside of us. And anytime our heart is living outside there is a risk of pain.

Jagged rocks. Slippery surfaces. That's what pain is made of. I'm heartbroken those beautiful guinea babies didn't make it and I'm hurting with you. My lap, my arms, my hands were made for holding you at times like these because my words only fail. And I want you to know that they will always be open and available for you.

Pain can sometimes prevent us from loving fully. Fear may urge our heart to stay inside rather than play in the pain. My beloved daughter, play in it anyway.

xoxo Mommy 

He has helped me understand pain.
You can find Martina's CD here.