Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Lives Of Service

The quote came from this amazing true story, but of course it has me thinking about the library.

Libraries are shining stars of service, and we support them simply by borrowing their beauty. 

All that borrowing leads to sharing.

We all know a special person who lives a life of service. Why not surprise them today with something borrowed {from the library} something new and something delicious, too. 

1) Buy a cast iron skillet for a friend, and one for you. If you buy here, the prices are so low you'll splurge and buy two - or five - for yourself.
2) Borrow this beauty of a cookbook from the library.
3) Go straight to the dessert section. Giant Cookie-In-A-Pan had my name all over it... plus I happen to have all the ingredients and most importantly, the recipe is epic fail proof.
4) Bake in your own cast iron skillet and share a few slices with your selfless friend. 

I put a note of thanks along with the borrowed cookbook and freshly baked cookie slices in a new cast iron skillet for a dear friend that truly lives a life of service to others. We share the same library, so returning the cookbook isn't an issue for her. Economical, eco-friendly and ethereal - a great way to gift.  

Our libraries depend on our support. Please visit yours today, and leave a comment if they have inspired you to share with others in a creative way.

For more library cookbook inspiration click here.

xoxo Michele


I am LOVD said...

I know it may seem this has nothing to do with your post, but for whatever reason, it inspired me to think of this. My son has been sharing riddles with me lately (some book he's reading). So your latest post inspired this riddle...

What always gives more than it takes?

The library!

Michele said...

Love it, Lilly!