Friday, April 27, 2012

Library Living At Home: Sports

The NFL Draft has been the buzz of our home. For days. Remember this?

If you have football (any sport) fanatics that qualify as dependents on your tax return, use that momentum and excitement to share great reads from the library.

1) Tony Dungy: Quiet Strength
2) Tim Tebow: Through My Eyes
3) Drew Brees: Coming Back Stronger

Library Living: It's always a great time to share wisdom and encouragement with your children, especially through subjects that they personally enjoy. 

Embarrassing Admission: I may or may not have learned a lot about football from My Football Book. I wish I could fit it in my pocket, it's super smoochie. Really. It must be a Mama thing.

We adore the entire series of Alphabet Books and all of Tim Green's sports reads have an inspiring message for kids.

The Carolina Panthers had a Draft Party, and you just know we had to attend. 

Have any tips on how you library with sports? Please share. 

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xoxo Michele  

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I am LOVD said...

Our city's claim to fame for the draft - acquiring the oldest QB in the draft - I think my city's football coaches need to read up on some geriatric reads.