Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Library Living At Home: Avoiding Library Fines

I love it when my readers ask questions - this is for you, Liz

I hit my library card limit of 99 items frequently, and rarely have late fee fines. How? The books are strategically placed where the children and I have easy access to them. Don't worry: my endless, pull-your-hair-out searching is dedicated to other notable tasks: finding children's shoes, socks, pencils with erasers, pencils with lead, tape, scissors, the cordless phones, the TV remote, can you relate? But library books are effortless to find in our home. Here is how our boys library in their room:

Easy, Cozy Access: A few shelves and lights from Ikea and we're in business. The children rarely move the books from this area because the books are located in the ultimate cozy, easy to reach spot. Library books have a better chance of getting lost (and unread) if I put them on our book shelves. 

An Eclectic Mix: We read a lot of picture books, which is why I hit my limit. The children can read upwards of 10 per night (x three kids = 30 books). I go to the library 3-5 times a week (a benefit of my job and living location) so I return and replace them frequently. Poetry, biographies, graphic novels, science and math - all in picture book beauty.

To witness this each night is joy. And knowing where the books are helps avoid fines and encourages stress-free sleeping for me.

How do you keep track of your library items? If you have tips and tricks, please share.

You can find more ways to Library At Home here.

xoxo Michele


Shelley. said...

This is why I love you! Before you, I was the only person I knew that checked out that many books at once. I'm keeping a log of all the funny things the librarians say as they check me out.

Such as:
"You must be a teacher."
"Let me guess -- Taking a children's lit class?"
"Do you realize you have {x} amount of books checked out?"
"Are you sure you can carry those?"

I totally rely on the email notifications and being able to check my account online. Right now we store all of our loads of library books on our fireplace hearth, sorted loosely by category in stacks. Endless fun!

Liz said...

I feel so honored to inspire a post. hehe

Maybe this is my problem, I keep mine in the bag I carried them home in. I really need to start to Library in my home!

Thanks for the wonderful post, Michelle. I really enjoyed the sneaky picture of your boys. I absolutely LOVE seeing children reading. Your son on the top bunk looks so into what he is reading and the young man on the bottom bunk looks so amazed at what he is reading!

I am LOVD said...

I'm with Shelley - those e-mail notifications are a God-send! But just in case the internet fails me, I do have my son put all his library books in a special wooden box I got from Target.

Our library does a forgiveness day a couple of times a year. If you have fines you can bring in a can of food to be donated to a local food bank. Each can of food equates to $.50 off your bill!

Michele said...

I loved this post and always love to see what others do.
We were trying to keep them in a special bag only used for the library but we would forget about them. Instead now, I try to keep them out in one spot and just put the receipt that tells me what is checked out and when it is due by my calendar so I check daily.