Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Christian Seder

 Jesus - The Lamb of Jehovah's Passover. ~ Charles Spurgeon

Our new-ish family tradition of a Christian Seder is in remembrance of Christ as our Passover Lamb and we do this in conjunction with Christ's Last Supper. We started this celebration five years ago after reading the following (very, very abridged) sermon by my swoonie preacher crush, Charles H. Spurgeon

The children look forward to this evening as if we're celebrating Christmas, which in a way we are. Amazing how all of our life celebrations lead back to Jesus. The photos are old, but I hope you enjoy this peek into our Christian Seder.

"Christians have had the same deliverance from spiritual Egypt... Come, let us keep the Passover this night, and think of the night when the Lord delivered us ... Let us behold our Saviour Jesus as the Paschal Lamb... 

... Some of you, my friends, who are true Christians, live too much on your changing frames and feelings, on your experiences and evidences... When a man lives on his frames and feelings, that is as much as if the child of God should live on some tokens that he received in the sanctuary that never were meant for food, but only to comfort him a little...

...What the Christian lives on is not Christ's righteousness, but Christ... It is not pardon that so much makes the Christian's heart rejoice, it is Christ the pardoner... 
Christ our Passover is sacrificed for us." ~ Charles Haddon Spurgeon

You can find the beauty of smoochie Charles Haddon Spurgeon at your local library.

Poetry Selection for April 6th:
You can find the timeless beauty of William Blake living in your library.

Happy Easter Weekend. 

xoxo Michele


I am LOVD said...

This is such a beautiful tradition - I love it!!! And, thanks to you, I swoon over Spurgeon, as well. Where would I be without you, my friend. You've introduced me to so much. I never would have found many of these readings without you. Thank you!

Have a most blessed holiday!

Brunella Supertramp said...

Good Easter from Italy...a big hug with love

I am LOVD said...

Have a most blessed Easter holiday! LOVD tidings, Lilly