Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Pearl Event II

I met one of my favorite bloggers

I made a new friend

I made my feet cry (see photo above).

I was challenged to find joy in painful circumstances because of her.

I was inspired to exchange shame for redemption because of her.

I was encouraged to trust my own story because of her.

I was just straight up loved on by her. And her cookies.

I witnessed a glorious impossibility through her testimony

Our individual stories of love and loss, hope and desperation, courage and fearful failures, cute shoes and crying feet - a swirling of pain and patience and perseverance are what make us pearls. I'm thankful that these women took the time to remind me that God is the author ~ not only of our faith and salvation, but our life story. Share your story with someone today.

xoxo Michele        


Cha Cha said...

So thankful to have YOU as my sweet new friend. God is good and I know that I am blessed by HIM to have found you. Thank you for sitting beside me and my nervous insecure self and really listening to my heart. You are His beautiful Pearl.

Cha Cha

paige said...

hi michele,
thank you so much for your encouraging words. what an amazing event!
any woman with an awesome dog ( hi rocket!) riding shotgun is alright by me!!
<3 , new blog follower,

Michele said...

Thank you, Cha Cha and Paige! It was awesome because of girls like you!

xoxo michele

theelfqueen said...

I am a big time Alison Weir enthusiast (she's a popular historian) but I would NOT start with Wars of the Roses because -- umm the Wars of the Roses are confusing as a subject if you're not familiar. SERIOUSLY. LOL

I loved the various tudor histories -- I started with and became hooked on The Six Wives of Henry VIII is brilliant.

Brunella Supertramp said...

Michele! Oh my god i see your smile into a beautiful photo, i'm very very happy for you, and beautiful Edie, and friends.
Oh yes, with all my italian heart :)