Sunday, March 4, 2012

Library Living At Home: Laundry Library Sneak Peek

Life in grace means a life of sharing, and I'm thrilled that Edie has started a new blog where we can share our passion while encouraging others. Please visit Life In Grace Girls to enjoy a gathering of gifts from girlie bloggers - I'm honored to share my Laundry Library Sneak Peek.
While my husband and adorable 5th Grader were in Washington DC for three days, I caught up on our laundry. I'm giving all the credit to our local library for giving me a Laundry Library and clean underwear. Here is a before photo:

Why I'm taking a photo of Arielle making ice cream cones I haven't a clue, but there is the laundry room (behind her) in all of its former glory - could you blame me for not wanting to go in there? 
Then I found this book at our local library:

Lili Diallo inspired me to create meaningful beauty rather than copy what someone else is doing. Not that I mind copying - we all do it. But Lili shared a secret with me: name several details that make your heart race, and then build a room from there - it guarantees that the room will reflect your own beautiful, unique personality.  

Fun Fact: Lili is a major bibliophile, so it is no wonder that I gravitated to her way of styling. 

I'm still moving details around and waiting for family photos to be developed so I can show you the wall opposite the mirror (that splash of yellow paint - all Lili's idea). The fabric (yes - those are drapes behind the washer and dryer), shelf and mirror came from here. In total, I spent about $80.00. If I had to buy the books and magazines it would have been an additional $100.00.

A dear friend, Darlene at Fieldstone Hill Design, posted some important reminders when creating a theme that saved me from turning this transformation into a tearful tragedy.

Sweet library, my family thanks you for the clean clothes ~ and I adore you for sharing your borrowed beauty each week and encouraging me to keep the knowledge. 

You can find more creative ways of Library Living At Home  here.

xoxo Michele


Tabby said...


I am LOVD said...

Oh, this is bad. This post has inspired me to continue my inkling of wanting to decorate our laundry room. Now, you've sent me over the edge. My husband responded with, "OMG, it's a laundry room" - in his defense he stated this after I said I wanted to replace the flourescent light with a chandelier. This has motivated me to begin thinking; but I'll hold off until I read Details. Thanks for the push (or maybe not?)! Here's what I say, I spend the most time there, I should make it as beautiful as possible.

Jennie@gotmyreservations said...

I need more details. I love the idea of hanging curtains and we've been thinking of doing this to cover up our pipes and wires that line the walls of the laundry room in our old house. As always, your photos are gorgeous.

Charlotte Mecklenburg Library said...

Loved this post! Your laundry room looks amazing. We can't wait to inspire our followers on Facebook and Twitter with new ways they can use the library in their everyday life.

Michele said...

Thank you, Tabby! I love spending time in there now. Is it sad that I need to bribe myself with books and magazines in order to do the laundry? :)

Lilly - hope you love the book as much as I do - it is by my nightstand as we speak! I wasn't spending any time in the laundry room (hubby was not happy) - but in her book Lili said something about a home mirroring our personality and it just hit me - why not make the room welcoming, which of course would require books for me - and magazines are like this has transformed the room. And the best part is since I'm using library books and magazines I can change them weekly so I'll keep wanting to go in there. Happy me - happy {clean} family.

Sweet Jennie - thank you, thank you for such kind encouragement. I'll be doing a follow-up post with all the details (the curtains were so simple - we just tacked them up at the top to the moulding and I cut the fabric around the back of the washer and dryer so there isn't any chance of a fire hazard - the shelf and mirror we just hung them through the fabric like you would on a wall - so easy peasy, but I have to be careful when I use the bleach, hee hee). Lili's book is the saving grace though on the shelves and how to organize details that make you happy - that is what I love about this book - she showed me how to reflect what makes me happy on the inside with items that "make my heart race". She even inspired me to decorate with photos of my children reading - which are being delivered sometime this week. So excited to reveal!

Charlotte Meck Library - Hugs to you for opening your doors to our family and inspiring us daily. We are abundantly blessed by our library - especially by our local Davidson Librarians.

xoxo michele

Claire (The Captive Reader) said...

The room looks amazing and I can hardly believe how little you spent on the changes! I love that fabric and especially love the contrast with the stack of pink library books. A really beautiful job.

Michele said...

Thank you, Claire. I'm so happy I found you through the Stuck In A Book blog, and thrilled that you came over for a visit.

Jill said...

Wow! I mean, WOW! This is stunning. My laundry room is located behind bifold doors in our kitchen. I pretty much hate it. You have inspired me. I want to get my home looking lovely before we have family come visit this summer. I think a makeover of my laundry closet is in order. I'll be checking out the resources you mentioned for help. Thank you, Michele!

Michele said...

Thank you, Jill! I am happy to report that this makeover is having the desired effect. Would it be totally lame to call this my new "reading cycle"?


xoxo michele

Michele said...

Michele, I am insprired to go clean out my laundry room!! Love your wonderful ideas! Thanks for sharing Edie's site as well!