Monday, March 19, 2012

How To Read Poetry

My amazing friend Carla and I went to the Joel Conarroe Lecture* at Davidson College last Tuesday evening and listened intently as Edward Hirsch nurtured us in the beauty of poetry. I was hooked. The next morning, I walked up to the library and checked out a few of his books. Can you guess which of his poems is my favorite?

April is National Poetry Month, and I'm going to be featuring some of our favorite family poetry over the next few weeks, and hoping you will share some of your favorite authors as well.

May we all "perch in the branches of the old branch library, radiating heat, singing with joy."

xoxo Michele 

*Two years ago, I intently listened to this author.


I am LOVD said...

While helping at school during writing we were introduced to Diamante poems. It was such a great brain workout. I'll feature it the first week in April and show you some I came up with. They are really fun to do!

Michele said...

Looking forward to your feature on Diamante poems, Lilly. I'm not familiar, but you know I'll be looking for some today at the library. :)