Sunday, March 18, 2012

Fun With Dick And Jane

I adore this sweetie girl and am abundantly blessed to hang out with her every week while my children are in school. Lucky for me, she loves the library as much as I do. Really. But when she picked this book, I almost put my hands over my ears ~ the same way Jane's mom is on the cover of the book ~ and shout: 

Help, Jane. 
Help. Help. Help. 
Save me from this book.
How many pages are left?
Shoot me now, Jane.  Just shoot me now. 

But she is having fun with Dick and Jane. She is memorizing sight words - and to become fluent in reading, you have to instantly recognize sight words. At three years of age, she is well on her way. You can find all the Dick and Jane books at your local library. There is even a Yiddish with Dick and Jane. Are your children attached to great books that drive you crazy? Please share.

This Fun With Dick And Jane is more my style.

xoxo Michele


I am LOVD said...

My son learned to read using the BOB books. Are you familiar? I'm no artist but I could have done a better job with the illustrations!

Michele said...

I hear you, Lilly! Ditto with the Sunshine books - great concept, but the pictures are not the best quality.

If we put our heads together, I think we could come up with children's books that support early reading while maintaining a visual and emotional (especially for me) appeal. ;)