Monday, February 20, 2012

Library Living At Home: The Kitchen

Welcome to my wild and crazy idea of sharing how we library at home. 

If you are a parent, you are a teacher. The library has the tools you need to create a creative and inspiring home-school of learning without stress or spending. I'll show you how we shop the library and turn our home into an enchanted world of wonder. 

The library provides the material, but you have to make it accessible. Give your kitchen a Mini Library Makeover. 

Make Room on your kitchen or dining room table for a mini library. Use your favorite bookends and a bright tablecloth, even if it's really a shower curtain (mine is). Put a lamp on the table. Make it a place you'll enjoy slowing down, sipping tea and reading for five minutes. 

Variety Is The Spice Of Life. Choose topics that appeal to you and your family, but select a few new genres that encourage growth. Take these great reads back to the library each week and pick up a new mini-library for your kitchen. Before long, your children will help pick the table reads.

Short Order Booking. I borrow devotionals, poetry, short stories, gardening and home design, travel guides, graphic novels and comic books for the kitchen. Breakfast usually means hurry - so handy, quick reads are perfect way to start the day for your entire family.  

Kiss The Cook! While my hubby does most (okay, all) of the cooking, I completely drool over the cookbooks. Arielle and I have had a blast making bread, pies and countless treats because the library lends us this love:

Shopping the library should be exciting. I look at the shelves see small cities. What do you see?

If you have some tips on library living in the kitchen, please share. We all would benefit from your knowledge.

I want to do a linky party. Should we do a linky party? How does one go about doing a linky party? 

xoxo Michele


Anonymous said...

Hmm I can't answer the last linky party question! But I think you should do one! It can't be that hard to set one up??

Ok, another book suggestion for your girls.. my cousins recommended this series to me and I liked it! These are for sure age-appropriate :), the plot is very interesting and they are just good books!

I happened to see a blog post of this author's about summer reading, this quote made me think of you and your blog:

"Thank goodness for my mom, because she’s the one who made me put an exclamation point on the summer combo that probably made me a writer: Summer READING!"

'Why on earth would anyone BUY books when they’re free at the library? Let’s get donuts instead.'

I’m older now and it’s SO obvious she was tricking me and my brother. She acted like our donut eating buddy, but all the while she had a secret plan to keep us reading books."

I am LOVD said...

Sending some love your way:

LOVD tidings!