Monday, February 13, 2012

I Heart Music

Guitar lessons have commenced in our home, and the amount of music we check out from the library has increased. Do you remember spending half a Saturday afternoon holding that record cover in your hands and studying it as you were listening to the music? I did that with this and this and this as a child. 

There are so many options now on how to receive music. If you're downloading music you are missing out on the photos, the lyrics and sometimes even a letter from the band, like on this cd from The Avett Brothers

But if you purchased every cd that sparked an interest, chances are we'd eventually see you on Hoarders. So how do you shower your family with a myriad of musical geniuses without breaking the bank? Library

The library welcomes us to bring home the artist and then share their beauty with others.

Last night we devoured the Grammys. In our Jammys. It never fails to inspire spontaneous dancing and shrieks of delight when Adele or Taylor Swift take to the stage. But we also discover new talent, like this duothat rocked our socks off (they are teaming up with Taylor Swift on the upcoming Hunger Games Soundtrack). And opportunities to school our children on her and him. And him. You just know Carl and I live for these moments.

All of this musical beauty is available at your local library. What will you borrow today?

xoxo Michele

* The Civil Wars rocked the Grammys.

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I am LOVD said...

An Adele cd, of course!!!!