Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I Heart Maira Kalman

President's Day is Monday - a perfect time to bring home this beauty from the library and savor it with your family:

The first Maira Kalman book I brought home from the library was The Pursuit of Happiness.

Principles of Uncertainty

She's a gift to our entire family. Her art, her ideas make us think. 
Ask questions. 
13 Words

Like any great author, she inspires us to learn more about a subject.
Dig deeper. 
Or just laugh out loud.

This is my daughter's favorite book:
Talking With Artists

You can find a complete listing of all her books here

I'm taking some time off to read and enjoy my family. Actually, I'm completely behind on doctor and dentist visits, my hair is blue from a slight mishap with at-home color in a bottle, and the dog hair under my bed is starting to bark. If you check out Maira's books from the library you won't even miss me.

I am so thankful for my bloggy friends and family.
 Your encouragement is a blessing to me. 

Back next week!

xoxo Michele


I am LOVD said...

She came up with Keep Calm and Carry On - where do I sign up for everyone of her books?!!!

I am LOVD said...

wait a minute, hold the boat, what??? What do you mean blue hair from at-home color in a bottle? I'm thinking about going that route the next time I have to get highlights. I just can't justify $150 for a cut and highlight anymore. Way too much money, and it's not even that great. I vowed I'd do at-home color but now you've got me worried! Please share, my blue-haired friend;-)

Michele said...

Hi Lilly! Actually - Keep Calm and Carry On is from the British government - during WW II, posters were made to keep people "calm". But I give her credit for bringing it back front and center.

Blue hair. Today it is looking more violet, actually. I've never had a problem coloring my hair at home before - but this is not a look I can successfully pull off. Even Katy Perry at the Grammy's wasn't fooling me....

Have a great weekend!

xoxo michele