Monday, February 27, 2012

I Heart Library Living At Home: Nick's Shelf

As a 5th grader, Nick does plenty of reading on his own, and that solitary time is a necessity. But I see reading aloud with my children as sacrosanct. Mostly because I'm bossy and crazy about spending time with them. But there are some wonderful benefits in reading aloud with your children. 

Safety. We create a sanctuary of safety when we read to our children. We can cover every topic under the sun without sounding preachy. Yes, I've been told I can sound preachy; but amazingly enough, not when I'm reading. 

Picture Books We Heart
                           Space                           Classics                              History

                   Poetry                          Music                               Civil Rights

Structure. We are building a beautiful life when reading aloud: compassion, emotional growth, critical thinking skills and insight into a variety of situations. I pick out the books we read from the library - again, mostly because I have control issues. Also because it helps keep a solid balance of different genres. Nick will pick out five books on Jeff Gordon, and completely slingshot past the poetry - but when I read Walt Whitman or Emily Dickinson with him, he enjoys it.

Chapter Books We Heart
                    Fiction                   Non-Fiction               The Bible                        HF           

                         Faith                                 Science                                      Humor

Sharing. My favorite part? We connect and get to know each other in a more meaningful way because we are surrounded with new ideas, situations and dilemmas ~ and who doesn't love a problem, especially when it is someone else's problem? More book inspiration here.

BONUS: I get to pretend I'm all cool and celebrity-ish. 

I hung out with Bill Bryson today, he's such a cheeky chappie.
Mom, that's just creepy.

Nick will let me ask him hundreds of questions ~ and he provides heartfelt answers ~ that under different circumstances would harvest crickets. Reading makes me feel like a more confident, competent parent. I know, it always comes back to me me me.

How Much Time Is This Going To Take?

My goal is twenty minutes each night, but I'll let you and only you in on my secret squirrel knowledge about books and time:

Books can manipulate time like no other medium.

Reading aloud with your children can change your thinking on time and how to spend it. 

If you have tips and secret squirrel schooling that help in reading aloud with 5th graders (or teens - I'll be there soon and would love some insider knowledge), please share. I love, love, love hearing from you.

You can find the entire Library Living At Home
series here

xoxo Michele 


I am LOVD said...

Your kids are so lucky to have you, Michele. They will come back to you one day when they have their own kids and thank you profusely for the childhood you were able to give them and the love of books you have instilled in them.

theelfqueen said...

My fifth grader is participating in Battle of the Books at his school. He's been reading some of the books but several he's checked out from our public library as books on tape. They're constantly playing. He checked out From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler.... I stole it. LOL